At UNCG, changing your major to a new concentration or field of study, adding or removing a minor, and adding a second major are all done using the UNCG Curriculum Change form.

How to change your major

Step 1: Find your major change form

First Year, Transfer, Second Degree, Reactivated, and Former Students, if you would like to change your academic major, please visit your Application Status Page

Current Students at UNCG who would like to declare or change your academic major or minor, please use the UNCG Curriculum Change form to update your academic record.

Step 2: Look at Degree Works

Students should begin by considering different options in the Degree Works “What If” tool. This will give students a sense of how changing their major or adding a minor might affect their timeline to graduation. 

Step 3: Meet with your Advisor

UNCG strongly recommends that students meet with their advisor to go over their Degree Works progress and “What-If” Analysis Document before changing their major. Students should also discuss their Catalog year and how changing this could affect their completion of general education requirements and their timeline to graduation. 

Students can find their advisor’s contact information in UNCGenie or in the Major Change form itself. 

Step 4: Review Catalog Requirements

Changing your major, particularly after you have earned 45 or more semester hours, may delay your timeline to graduation. Before requesting a change, please carefully review the catalog requirements of your new program of study, paying particular attention to the completion of general education requirements.

Please note: changes to Catalog year can impact the completion of general education requirements. For more information about Catalog year and requirements please consult the University Catalog and speak with your advisor.

Step 5: Choose Catalog Year

Once students have met with their advisor and reviewed their Degree Works, they are ready to update their curriculum. Before selecting their new major, minor, or concentration, they must select their catalog term. Students may choose from their existing catalog year or the most current catalog year from the dropdown menu below.

For more information about UNCG’s catalog year policy, please see:

Step 6: Select Your New Major, Minor, or Concentration

During this step you will choose the new major, minor, or concentration for your course of study. There are some important things to keep in mind when using the form:

Students can choose 2nd Majors and Degrees by selecting the appropriate button at the bottom of the curriculum change screen:

For limitations and restrictions see:

Step 7: Submit your change

When you have finished selecting your Primary Degree, Major(s), Concentration(s), and/or Minors, click the green Submit this request button. 

You will receive an email at your UNCG email address with updates on your change and next steps in the process.

The advisor review and processing in the University Registrar’s Office will typically take 7-10 business days to complete. You may check the status of your request through UNCGenie:

Important, Known Error Please Read:

If you encounter an error like the one seen below, please resubmit your request. This is a known bug and  we apologize for any inconvenience.

Viewing your Request History

Students can view their request history by clicking on the blue text found in the request entry log. This area appears once a student has submitted a request using the major change workflow.

Canceling a Major Change Request

Students may cancel a request at any time by clicking the red Cancel this Request button found at the bottom of the major change workflow form.

Major CHange Request User Guides

There are two upcoming training sessions:

Please RSVP to attend either of these workshops.

Major Change Request Frequently Asked Questions for Students

The Major Change Request is for undergraduate students only. If you get a notification that your curriculum is not supported, you should contact to explore further options.

A student can submit an electronic major change request by visiting

Yes. After selecting and adding your current major in the UNCG Curriculum (Major/Minor) Change form, an “Add Minor” box will appear with a drop-down box for you to choose from. Once you add a particular major, you can see and choose different concentrations in the drop-down box. Second degrees and second majors can be added as well.

The request will typically take up between 7-10 business days.

Once your request is submitted, it will be sent to the academic department for the program you have requested. Department faculty and/or an academic advising representative will electronically approve or deny the request.

The student will receive an email notification at each point in the approval process with the status of the major change request.

The student should reach out to the academic department and check the status of the request from within the major change workflow.

In the Request History section of the UNCG Curriculum (Major/Minor) Change Form, the student can double click on their name shown in the Status box and a “Cancel This Request” red box will appear at the bottom of the form. After clicking on the red box, it will show the request was canceled in the status box beside the status date. The academic department will receive email notification that the major change request has been canceled by the student. If the major change request has already been processed and updated, then the student will have to submit a new major change request to change it back to the previous one.

Students could request a curriculum for those changes as many times as they like prior to graduation. However, changing a major after a student has surpassed 60 hours can result in a potential delay in a student’s graduation timeline. Students who have earned more than 60 hours are strongly encouraged to consult with an academic advisor prior to submitting a change request.

The student can submit only one major change request at a time. The student waits until that change is updated and then can make another request.

Depending on how many hours you have earned, it is possible that changing your academic program will impact your graduation timeline. Students should utilize the What-If Feature in Degree Works to see how changing their major/minor/concentration could alter their pathway to graduating in a timely manner. Students are strongly encouraged to consult with an academic advisor prior to submitting a change request.

Depending on your new major and/or new program, there is a possibility that you will get a new academic advisor.

The student should reach to the 6TECH to assist with any technical issues. The phone number is 336-256-8324. The email address is


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