The designation of graduation with honors is available for undergraduate students. Honors designation is based on all courses (including the last semester’s work) for which grades and grade points are given. 

Any senior is eligible for honors who, at the end of the senior year, has completed at least 45 hours of work in residence at UNCG. This does not include hours for which credit and grade points have been received by special examinations. Honors are awarded as follows:

Summa cum laude with highest honorMinimum 3.90 GPA
Magna cum laude with great honorMinimum 3.70 GPA
Cum laude with honorMinimum 3.50 GPA

Second degree candidates are eligible for graduation with honors if, at the end of the final year, they have completed at least 45 hours of work in residence at UNCG toward the second degree and have earned the required grade point average (see chart above).


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