Degrees are awarded three times per year – May, August, and December. All UNC Greensboro students are required to file an application at the beginning of the semester in which they plan to graduate. Graduation application deadlines are set very early in order to allow university staff to process and complete a degree audit before printing diplomas. 

Students must apply and be cleared to graduate in order to receive their diploma.

Graduate students have additional requirements and processes which are detailed on the Graduate School website.

International Students in F and J status, should contact the International Programs Center for steps after graduation including grace period and practical training.

Before applying for graduation

Students should take the following steps before applying to graduate: 

Step 1:
Meet With Advising

Students review their Degree Works progress with their advisor prior to applying for graduation. Advisors can check that all degree requirements have been met and there are no issues with the final degree audit.


Step 2:
Confirm Mailing Address

Confirm the mailing address listed in UNCGenie is updated to an address where the student can receive mail up to three months after graduation. (This is the address where the diploma will be sent!)

Step 3:
Clear Any Holds

Students should check UNCGenie for any outstanding holds or account balances and make arrangements as needed. Diplomas and transcripts will be withheld from students who have outstanding requirements.


Step 4:
Access The Application

Students can access the graduation application via UNCGenie. After logging in, click the Student Tab. Next select “Student Records”, then “Apply to Graduate”.

Graduation Application Deadlines

Graduate students have additional requirements and procedures. Please consult the Graduate School website.

Spring 2024 Undergraduate Graduation Application: Opens October 9, 2023; Closes March 8, 2024.
Please note the undergraduate graduation fee will increase to $100 for the Spring 2024 graduation term.

Summer 2024 Undergraduate Graduation Application: Opens March 11, 2024; Closes July 5, 2024. Summer 2024 Graduate Graduation Application Deadline is May, 15, 2024.

*A late graduation application fee of $50 will charged to all undergraduate degree applicants who miss the initial deadline to apply to graduate. This will be in addition to the non-refundable undergraduate graduation fee charge of $100.

Students who do not successfully complete all degree requirements within the applied application term, will be charged a fee of $50 for their application rolling to the following term.

The student’s full legal name (as it appears in our system) will be the name printed on the diploma. If a student wants to have a different name printed on their diploma, they may need to request a name change. More information about name changes can be found in the Student Records section.

TIP: Students with special characters in their name (such as hyphens or accent marks, etc.) should specify exactly what the special character is and where it should be placed in their name. There is a space on the graduation application for this. So be as specific as possible.

A non-refundable graduation fee is charged to all degree applicants. This fee covers the cost of degree audits and evaluations; the diploma, and shipping supplies and expenses. The fee is $100 for undergraduate degrees, $125 for graduate degrees, and $35 for graduate certificates.

The graduation fee will be posted directly to the student account. Students should make arrangements to pay their account balance as soon as possible to prevent a hold on their diploma.

Students completing simultaneous degrees must apply for each degree and will have the graduation fee applied for each degree.

*Please Note: A late graduation application fee of $50 will charged to all undergraduate degree applicants who miss the initial deadline to apply to graduate. This will be in addition to the non-refundable undergraduate graduation fee charge of $100.


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