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A grade in a course is based on the quality of the student’s classroom and written work throughout the semester. Most course grades are not solely based on the final examination.

Final course grades are made available to students at the end of each semester on UNCGenie. Students can view and print copies of their grades from UNCGenie. 

Details about grading policies are different for graduate and undergraduate students. The University Catalog has more information in addition to the overviews listed below.

GPA calculation

UNCG uses a semester hour credit and grade point system for evaluating undergraduates. Semester hour credits represent the number of course hours completed. Grade points are determined by the number of semester hour credits attempted and the grades earned. Hours attempted but not passed are included in this calculation. More detailed information on how GPA is determined can be found in the University Catalog.

Students can calculate how current or future course performance may impact their GPA with help from the Student’s First Office’s GPA Calculator.

Grade appeals

Students who wish to appeal an assigned grade should first discuss their concerns with the instructor. In cases of exceptional circumstances, the student may further appeal to the department head, the dean of the school or college, and the provost, in that order. More information, including examples of situations that would merit a grade appeal, can be found in the University Catalog.

Incomplete grades

In cases where a student cannot complete course requirements because of illness or other reasons beyond their control, they may request an incomplete “I” grade. Incomplete is a temporary grade given at the discretion of the instructor. 

Students must make arrangements with their instructor to set a timeline for completing their work to earn a permanent letter grade in the course. At maximum, all work must be completed by six months after the end of the term when the Incomplete grade was given. Unfinished incomplete grades will change to “F” grades.More information about incomplete grades can be found in the University Catalog.

Grade replacement

Undergraduate students can opt to retake a course and replace the original grade earned to improve their GPA. During their undergraduate careers, students may request to replace the grades for a total of four courses, up to a maximum of 16 credit hours, in which they have earned a grade of C-, D+, D, D- or F/WF. 

The following are exclusions that will prohibit students from using the grade replacement policy:

  • Courses in which the final grade earned was the result of an Academic Integrity violation, which are recorded by the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities
  • Courses taken in future semesters once a student has applied and been approved for the Academic Renewal Policy
  • Grade Replacement Requests submitted after a degree is conferred

To request a grade replacement, submit a form to the Registrar’s Office. More information about grade replacement can be found on the Students First Office site.

Academic Renewal (grade forgiveness)

Former UNCG students who have been readmitted can petition to have the grades earned during their previous attendance period to be forgiven (excluded from GPA calculations). Students can initiate the request for Academic Renewal by filing a form with the Students First Office. More information can be found on the Students First Office site.

Retroactive grade change

After grades are officially recorded on a student’s transcript they cannot be changed except in extraordinary circumstances. No change may occur unless the instructor who gave the grade initiates the formal process of a retroactive grade change. The change must also be approved by the instructor’s department head and by the instructor’s dean. 

Retroactive grade changes are not made for students after they have graduated from UNCG. 
More information can be found on the Students First Office site.

Semester Honors

Students with outstanding academic performance are recognized each fall and spring semester after grades are posted. Dean’s and Chancellor’s List honorees are posted on our website and the award is also listed on students’ transcripts. See the Semester Honors section for details.