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Anyone who wants to simply attend a course at UNC Greensboro for no credit are welcome to participate as an auditor. Auditors can participate in courses when space is available and with the approval of the department head and/or the instructor. No credit is involved, no examinations are required, and no grades are reported. Course assignments may be optional, depending on the instructor’s preference.

Keep in mind, permission to audit in no way constitutes admission to UNCG. No formal record of participation as a Visiting Auditor will be maintained, and auditors also do not have access to the Kaplan Center for Wellness, Jackson Library, or campus computer labs.

More information about auditing is available in the University Catalog.

How to register as an auditor

Current students

  • Students submit the Registration Exception Approval Form and answer “Yes” to the question, “Audit for No Credit?” With instructor approval, students are added to the class as auditors no earlier than the first day of the semester and no later than the fifth day of the semester.
  • Full time students (registered for 12 credit hours or more) may audit one course per semester.
  • Part-time students (registered for fewer than 12 credits) may audit no more than two courses per semester.

Visiting students

  • Students not currently attending UNCG can register as visiting auditors by submitting a form, including signature of the course instructor.
  • Mail or drop off the form, along with any required payment, to UNCG’s Registrar’s Office.
    • Mailing address:
      PO Box 26170, Greensboro, NC 27402-6170
    • Physical address:
      1202 Spring Garden St, Greensboro, NC 27412 (Mossman Building)
  • After processing the application, admissions will notify the student of their status in participating in the course.


Current students

Full-time students may audit one class per semester free of charge, while part-time students are charged a $15 fee per class.

Visiting students

Visiting auditors age 65+ who are NC residents or live in NC may audit courses free of charge. 

Students who are less than age 65 pay $125 per course. Payment can be made via exact cash or check and should be provided with the audit form. Credit cards are not accepted.

Dates and deadlines

Students may register to audit courses starting the first day of classes through the end of schedule adjustment period listed on the Academic Calendar. This includes the last day to change a course from audit to credit status or from credit to audit status.