UNC Greensboro participates in the Fixed Tuition Program established by North Carolina General Statute § 116-143.9. This statute requires that all UNC institutions fix tuition for up to eight consecutive semesters (excluding summer sessions) for North Carolina residents who meet certain requirements. 

Note: The statute only guarantees tuition rates. The guarantee does not apply to room and board, mandatory fees, program fees, tuition differentials, and/or course-specific fees.


Fixed tuition is available to North Carolina residents who are first-time college students enrolled in a baccalaureate degree program. Students must remain continuously enrolled at the university during the entire tuition period to receive this benefit. 

The guarantee does not apply to continuing education, early college students while enrolled in high school, consortium, dual-enrollment program, second degree seeking, transient, nonresident students, non-degree seeking, graduate and professional students, and students whose guarantee has expired. 

Students who are originally classified as nonresident for tuition purposes and subsequently are reclassified as a resident for tuition purposes will be eligible for fixed tuition at UNCG’s current rate for the balance of their remaining eligibility period.

What it covers

Eligible students can lock in their initial tuition rate for up to eight semesters based on the tuition rate during their first semester of study at UNCG. The cohort and tuition rate to which a student is initially assigned is based on the term in which the student first enrolls at UNCG. For example, if a newly enrolled first-year non-transfer student enters UNCG in the Fall 2021 semester, the Guarantee for that student will generally expire at the end of the Spring 2025 semester. 

At the end of the fixed tuition period, the cost of tuition for any additional academic semesters reverts to the amount of the current tuition rate at UNCG.

Losing your locked-in rate

Students are no longer eligible for the current rate of fixed tuition at UNCG when they break continuous enrollment at UNCG. This includes students who withdraw from their classes.

A break in enrollment occurs when a student is not enrolled in consecutive fall and spring semesters at UNCG. Students are not required to be enrolled during summer terms to maintain continuous enrollment.

Students who withdraw will not be granted an extension of their Guarantee. If they are later re-enrolled, they will be assessed at the current semester (non-guaranteed) tuition rate for new students.

Major changes

Students changing majors or colleges will maintain their cohort status and will be assessed tuition based on their new major. Their cohort and the Guarantee expiration date will not change.

Additional information

Additional information about the Tuition Guarantee Program can be found via the UNC Policy Manual.



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