When the student’s financial aid award package is available, they can view it online at UNCGenie. Students should review their aid notice carefully to ensure they understand what they have been offered. 

Students must officially accept each of the elements of their award in order for the funds to be disbursed to their account. Students do not have to accept all of the aid they are awarded.

When financial aid awards are sent

UNCG will review FAFSA applications as they come in. Aid packages are usually awarded beginning in March prior to the award year. 

Students who submit a FAFSA by the priority deadline (January 15) are most likely to receive their award notice soonest. 

Students with additional requirements and those who filed later can expect to receive their award notices as their financial aid applications are finalized.

How to view the award 

The financial aid award information can be viewed via UNCGenie. Award notifications are not mailed. Students will receive an email from the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships when their award is available to view in UNCGenie.

  1. Go to UNCGenie 
  2. Click ​the ​”Enter Secure Area​” option on the UNCGenie Home page and enter your Student​/University ID Number and your UNCG PIN. (Not sure of your PIN?)
  3. Go to Financial Aid tab in UNCGenie click on Award.
  4. Click on Current Award Information.
  5. Select the appropriate Aid Year, then click Submit.
  6. Your most recent financial aid award letter will be displayed.

The financial aid award may include a combination of grants, scholarships, and loans. The types of aid available to a student is determined by their student type, financial need (based on FAFSA application), FAFSA filing date, and, in some cases, academic merit (based on admissions application). For more information about the different types of aid listed on a student’s specific award letter, visit the Types of Aid page.

How to accept the aid award

Students must officially accept their award offer in UNCGenie. Financial Aid that has not been accepted will not be disbursed and can cause problems when tuition bills are issued. 

Each item in the award must be accepted individually. Students have the option to accept all, some, or none of the loans in the aid package. 

TIP: Students receiving Direct Subsidized, Unsubsidized,  and Graduate PLUS loans for the first time must complete Entrance Counseling. The goal of Entrance Counseling is to help a first-time borrower understand what it means to borrow a federal student loan.  Students (and parents) must sign a Master Promissory Note before their aid will be disbursed.  This requirement applies to Direct Subsidized, Unsubsidized, Parent Plus and Graduate PLUS loans.

Award acceptance deadlines

Students aid offers will eventually be canceled if they are not accepted. Timing of aid cancellation depends on the type of aid and whether the student is new or continuing.

Award will be auto-canceled after…What’s required to accept
Federal Work Study45 days of the offer(After this time the award is canceled and reissued to a qualified student on the wait list)Accept in UNCGenie
GrantsEnd of orientation (SOAR) for new students;Start of term for continuing students(After this time the grant offer will be canceled)Accept in UNCGenie
Federal LoansStart of term (After this time the loan offer will be canceled. Students whose loans are canceled may request a loan later in the term if they still have eligibility.)Accept in UNCGenieComplete Entrance CounselingComplete Master Promissory Note

Note that the above guidelines are deadlines to avoid having aid offers canceled. Students should meet these dates and plan to accept all aid by 2-3 weeks prior to the semester billing deadline to ensure ample time for aid processing.

Aid accepted within two weeks of the billing deadline may result in delays which could require the student to pay out-of-pocket before aid funds become available.


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