Students attending a semester or academic year abroad program are eligible to use financial aid to assist with their costs just as they would if they were taking classes on campus at UNCG.

Applying for aid

Students studying abroad should follow the standard process to apply for financial aid. (See “How to Apply” section for details.) It is especially important for these students to apply as early as possible to ensure their aid is available in a timely fashion. 

Plan ahead and submit an aid application by the priority filing date, January 15, for the upcoming academic year; and monitor UNCGenie closely to provide any unfulfilled requirements quickly.

Receiving refunds

If a student’s aid package exceeds their bill for the semester, they will receive a refund based on the usual process. It’s important for students traveling abroad to plan ahead as refunds are processed based on the UNCG school calendar and cannot be processed early for study abroad students, regardless of when they depart the U.S. or begin courses in their destination country.

We recommend that students studying abroad receive their refunds through direct deposit to ensure they are accessible quickly and efficiently. Complete the online direct deposit process via UNCGenie in the Student Account Center to receive your funds through direct deposit.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Students are responsible for maintaining a full-time course load and sufficient GPA while studying abroad. Students must also make sure that all credits from their host institution are posted to their UNCG transcript promptly. 

Grades for semesters studied abroad through a host institution will be reviewed at the end of the summer semester of the academic year, or earlier if grades are received. Students attending study abroad programs through UNCG directly will be reviewed for compliance at the end of that term.

If a student fails to meet the SAP requirement at the end of a term attended at UNCG, the student will be marked non-compliant at that time even if study abroad grades have not been received. The normal Satisfactory Academic Progress appeal process is available for students with extenuating circumstances.

To view your locked hours, please check UNCGenie.

For information regarding exchange programs, application deadlines, and IPC Travel Grants, please contact:

The International Programs Center
Phone: 336.334.5404
Website: Study Abroad and Exchanges
Email: [email protected]


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