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Payment Plan Options

UNC Greensboro students can opt to pay their semester account charges through a monthly payment plan. This is an interest-free alternative to paying billed expenses in one lump sum at the beginning of each term.

UNCG tuition and fees payment, housing payments, dining payments, and other charges are all billed and collected through the Cashiers and Student Accounts Office. Students should monitor their tuition and fees balances as well as other charges like room and board and parking. Student billing statements are emailed about a month before the first payment deadline, but students can view and pay their current account balance in UNCGenie at any time. Browse this section for information about tuition and fee rates, billing, payment options (including interest-free payment plans), refunds, and tax reporting forms.

How to Pay

There are several options available for students to satisfy their account balance. In addition to convenient direct payment options, students can…

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Refunds are issued when payments exceed tuition, fees, and other charges and create a credit (or negative) balance on the student…

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