Students who are enrolled in a degree program at UNCG should follow this guide. There may be different steps to follow for other student types, like visiting students and those in the Greater Greensboro Consortium.

Step-by-step instructions

Students should follow this step-by-step guide each term to prepare and complete registration. All UNCG students are responsible for their own registration each semester, except for new, incoming first year students who complete registration and advising during orientation.

Step 1: Check registration status 

Students should view their registration status in UNCGenie to verify that everything is set prior to the start of registration. On their registration status page, students can:

The access window is the period of several days during which the student has access to register. During this period, the registration system is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. For the best selection of classes and to avoid fees, students should plan to register during their registration window.

Students who miss their registration window must wait until the registration-by-appointment period, when all students will have registration access.

Students may receive a registration hold for several reasons including missing final transcripts from prior institutions, past academic performance that is affecting academic standing, or other reasons. If any holds are flagged in the Registration Status screen, students should check with the relevant department to clear them as soon as possible to prevent registration delays.

The student’s degree level and program is listed, as well as their current completed credit hours toward their degree. Students who feel that any of this information is incorrect should contact their advisor.

Students may or may not be required to see an advisor each semester before registration. This depends on the student type and academic program. 

Undergraduate students (including newly admitted transfer students) should make an appointment with the advisor listed in their Registration Status section. They will need to complete advising to receive the advising code needed for registration. Advising codes are unique to each semester and cannot be reused. Graduate students in certain programs must also see advisors to obtain advising codes. Students not required to complete advising will be able to view their advising code directly in the Registration Status section.

How to view Registration Status in UNCGenie

  1. Go to UNCGenie
  2. Enter your ID and PIN in the fields provided.
  3. Select the Student tab.
  4. Select Registration.
  5. Select Check Your Registration Status.
  6. Select Term.

Step 2: Complete academic advising 

Most degree and certificate programs at UNCG require the student to meet with their faculty advisor prior to registration. The faculty advisor will review progress toward degree requirements and discuss the classes they should be taking in the coming semester to remain on track for graduation. After advising, the student’s advisor will provide the semester advising code needed to access the registration.

Students should expect to receive communication from their academic department about advising each semester, including details about how to prepare for their advising session. Questions about advising should be directed to the academic department. Details are available on the Students First website.

Step 3: Search for courses

Students can access Schedule Hero to search for classes, set blocks to avoid scheduling conflicts, and automatically generate multiple schedule options to accommodate the courses that were discussed during advising. Students can bookmark their favorite schedule options to revisit during their registration window. Generating schedules in advance and exploring multiple options will make registration go smoothly.

Step 4: Register for courses 

Registration can be completed in the Schedule Hero tool any time during the registration access window. Students will need to have the advising code their received from their advisor in order to complete registration.

Avoid getting canceled from courses 

Students can be administratively canceled from their courses for the following reasons:

These requirements apply to all students, regardless of whether they are part-time or full-time. Students subjected to an administrative withdrawal for failure to comply with medical clearance requirements are entitled to a refund, subject to the guidelines of the university’s Refund Policy.

Why courses may be unavailable

Students may encounter problems when registering for a number of reasons, including:

A prerequisite is a course that must be completed before another course can be taken. Prerequisites are shown in the university catalog and in the course detail in the Schedule Hero tool. Prerequisites are checked automatically as students attempt to register for classes. When the student does not have a required prerequisite they will see an error:


To override a prerequisite requirement, students must receive approval from the course instructor. Students should contact the instructor directly to request an override. Once the professor has given the override, the student may register for that course via UNCGenie or Schedule Hero. 

Certain classes may be closed or restricted even when all prerequisites are met and there is no waitlist. For these courses, students must obtain special permission from their department or instructor. Once the professor has given the override, the student may register for that course via UNCGenie or Schedule Hero. 

If a class is full, the student may be able to join the waitlist. (Not every course allows a waitlist.) Students can opt to include courses with a waitlist in their Schedule Hero search results; this can be managed by modifying the Course Status field.

Find the course 

When a course reaches maximum enrollment and there is a waitlist, it will only be visible by opting to include it in the Schedule Hero search.

Join the waitlist 

Students can navigate to the course through this search and follow the steps to join the waitlist. Note that there are a limited number of spots on each waitlist. If the waitlist is full, the student should monitor the course listing and join the waitlist if/when it becomes available.

Watch for notifications 

If a seat becomes available, students will be notified in the order in which they have joined the waitlist. Notification is sent via the student’s preferred email as listed in UNCGenie. After notification, the student has 24 hours to add the course. 

If the student does not add the course within 24 hours, they are dropped from the waitlist and the next student on the waitlist is offered the space. Students dropped from the waitlist must rejoin the waitlist and will now be at the bottom of the list.

Add the course 

Waitlisted students should follow the instructions in the notification email to register for a course when it is offered to them. If the waitlisted course has a corequisite, this corequisite course must be added simultaneously with the waitlisted course.


How to Withdraw from a Class

After the schedule adjustment drop/add period, you can withdraw from a course without a GPA penalty until the semester deadline to withdraw with a WX grade.

Withdrawing from a course may be the right decision if you are failing a course or struggling with your current course load, but you are limited to a maximum of 16 hours of course withdrawals during your undergraduate career. There can also be impacts to your academic standing and your financial aid eligibility.

Be sure to talk with an academic advisor before taking any action. 

To withdraw from a class:

How to drop and add classes 

Undergraduate students can modify their schedules in Schedule Hero through the schedule adjustment period. During this period, students can drop classes without counting toward the course withdrawal limits outlined in the UNCG Course Withdrawal Policy. To drop a course:

  • Schedule adjustment period dates are listed in the academic calendar. Keep in mind that some courses follow an abbreviated schedule adjustment period. 
  • Adding or dropping courses may have implications on financial aid or the total amount of tuition due on the student bill.

Course withdrawals outside the schedule adjustment period must be requested through Students First.


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