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After applying for graduation, students will go through a final set of degree audits in order to ensure they have met all the requirements to graduate from UNCG. Degree clearance audits are conducted by a special team within the University Registrar’s Office.

Initial audit

Around the midpoint of the student’s final term, they will receive notification through their official UNCG email confirming their program of study information and providing a status update about how they are progressing in their final semester. Students will see one of the following statuses:

  • Applied (AP) – Graduation application has been received and is still awaiting an initial audit. No action is required.
  • Missing Requirements (MR) – The initial audit found items that still needed to be addressed and that require the student’s attention. Students should read the email instructions and reach out to their advisor as soon as possible. 
  • Reviewed (RV) – Based on the initial audit, the student has met the requirements for their degree. Provided that they successfully complete all currently enrolled courses, the student is on track to graduate. No action is required.
  • Pending (PE) – The initial audit has fully cleared the student for graduation. No action is required.

Final Audit

At the end of the term, the degree clearance team will conduct a final audit of each student’s graduation application.  The student’s application for graduation will either be approved or denied based on final coursework for the term. Students will receive a message to their UNCG email address with one of two statuses.

  • Graduated (GR) – The final audit shows the student’s degree requirements have been met and their file has been updated accordingly. The student has officially received their UNCG degree.
  • Removed (RM) – The final audit of the student’s file indicated that their degree requirements are insufficient. 

Students who do not successfully complete final requirements to graduate must reapply for the next term (or a determined future term) when they expect to finish their degree.