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Students may be exempted from certain course requirements and/or prerequisites by taking placement tests, receiving waivers, and achieving certain scores on AP or IB exams. Students should provide official test scores to UNCG as soon as possible in order for eligible course credits to be applied to their transcripts.

AP, IB, and Cambridge credits 

UNCG accepts Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (Higher Level and Standard Level), and Cambridge (AS Level and A Level) scores in compliance with UNC system policy (700.10.1 [R]). Students should provide official score reports to UNCG as soon as they are available to allow for eligible credits to be applied to transcripts prior to orientation.

Students can generally expect to receive credit for the following scores:

Advanced Placement (AP)3 or higher
International Baccalaureate (Higher Level)4 or higher
International Baccalaureate (Standard Level)5 or higher
Cambridge (AS Level, A Level)C or higher

Course equivalencies and credit awarding are up to the discretion of academic departments if they wish to accept lower scores, change credit, or accept new exams.

AP Scores
ExamRequired ScoreUNCG Credit Equivalency
Art History3ARH 000
Art History4 or 5AHR 110 & 111
Biology3BIO 105 & 105L
Biology 4 or 5BIO 111 & 111L & 112 & 112L
Calculus AB3 or 4 or 5MAT 196
Calculus BC3 or 4 or 5MAT 196 & 296
CapstoneN/Ano credit
Chemistry3CHE 103 & 110
Chemistry4 or 5CHE 111 & 112 & 114 & 115
Chinese Language and Culture3CHI 203
Chinese Language and Culture4 or 5CHI 203 & 204
Comparative Government & Politics3 or 4 or 5PSC 260
Computer Science A3 or 4 or 5CSC 130
Computer Science Principles3 or 4 or 5CSC 100
English Language & Composition3ENG 101
English Language & Composition4-5ENG 101 & 102
English Literature & Composition3ENG 104
English Literature & Composition4 or 5ENG 101 & 104
Environmental Science3 or 4 or 5BIO 105 & 105L
European History3HIS 223
European History4 or 5HIS 222 & 223
Human Geography3 or 4 or 5GES 105
French Language and Culture3FRE 203
French Language and Culture4 or 5FRE 203 & 204
German Language and Culture3GER 203
German Language and Culture4 or 5GER 203 & 204
Italian Language and Culture3ITA 000
Italian Language and Culture4 or 5ITA 000 & 000
Japanese Language and Culture3JNS 203
Japanese Language and Culture4 or 5JNS 203 & 204
Latin3 LAT 203
Latin 4 or 5LAT 203 & 204
Microeconomics3 or 4 or 5ECO 201
Macroeconomics3 or 4 or 5ECO 202
Music Theory Aural Subscore3MUS 100
Music Theory Aural Subscore4MUS 105
Music Theory Aural Subscore5MUS 105 & 106
Music Theory Nonaural Subscore3MUS 100
Music Theory Nonaural Subscore4MUS 101
Music Theory Nonaural Subscore5MUS 101 & 102
Music Theory (no subscores)3 or 4 or 5MUS 100
Physics 13 or 4 or 5PHY 211 (includes lab)
Physics 23 or 4 or 5PHY 212 (includes lab)
Physics Electricity & Magnetismno credit
Physics Mechanicsno credit
Psychology3 or 4 or 5PSY 121
Spanish Language and Culture3SPA 203
Spanish Language and Culture4 or 5SPA 203 & 204
Spanish Literature and Culture3SPA 204
Spanish Literature and Culture4 or 5SPA 204 & 000(300 level)
Statistics3STA 108
Statistics4ECO 250 & STA 108
Statistics5ECO 250 & STA 108 & STA 271
Studio Art 2D Design3 or 4 or 5ART 000
Studio Art 3D Design3 or 4 or 5ART 000
Studio Art Drawing3 or 4 or 5ART 000
United States Government & Politics3 or 4 or 5PSC 200
United States History3HIS 212
United States History4 or 5HIS 211 & 212
World History3HIS 209
World History4 or 5HIS 207 & 209
IB Scores
ExamRequired ScoreUNCG Credit Equivalency
HL Biology4BIO 105 & 105L
HL Biology5 or higherBIO 111 & 111L & 112 & 112L
HL Chemistry4 or higherCHE 111 & 112 & 114 & 115
HL English A: Literature4 or 5ENG 104 & ENG 210
HL English A: Literature6 or higherENG 101 & 104
HL English A: Language and Literature4 or higherENG 101
HL English A: Language and Literature6 or higherENG 101 & 104
SL English A: Literature5 or higherENG 104
SL English A: Language and Literature5 or higherENG 104
HL French A14FRE 203
HL French A15FRE 203 & 204
HL French A16 or higherFRE 204 & 301
HL French B4FRE 203
HL French B5FRE 203 & 204
HL French B6 or higherFRE 204 & 301
HL German A14GER 203 & 204
HL German A15 or higherGER 203 & 204 & 301
HL German B4GER 203
HL German B5 or higherGER 203 & 204
HL Global Politics4 or higherPSC 240
HL History: Africa4 or 5HIS 209
HL History: Africa6 or higherHIS 207 & 209
HL History: Americas4 or 5HIS 209
HL History: Americas6 or higherHIS 207 & 209
HL History: Asia/Middle East4 or 5HIS 209
HL History: Asia/Middle East6 or higherHIS 207 & 209
HL History: E/SE Asia Oceania4 or 5HIS 209
HL History: E/SE Asia Oceania6 or higherHIS 207 & 209
HL History: Europe4 or 5HIS 208
HL History: Europe6 or higherHIS 206 & 208
HL Mathematics4 or higherMAT 191 & 292
HL Music4 or higherMUP 220
HL Philosophy4 or higherPHI 111
HL Physics4 or higherPHY 211 & 212 (includes labs)
HL Psychology4 or higherPSY 121
HL Spanish A14SPA 203
HL Spanish A15SPA 203 & 204
HL Spanish A16 or higherSPA 204 & 301
HL Spanish B4 or 5SPA 203 & 204
HL Spanish B6 or higherSPA 204 & 301
HL Visual Arts4 or higherART 000
SL Biology5 or higherBIO 105 & 105L
SL Business Management5 or higherBUS 000
SL Chemistry5 or higherCHE 111 & 112 & 114 & 115
SL French A15FRE 203
SL French A16FRE 203 & 204
SL French A17FRE 204 & 301
SL French AB Initiono credit
SL French B5FRE 203
SL French B6FRE 203 & 204
SL French B7FRE 204 & 301
SL Global Politics5 or higherPSC 240
SL History5 or higherHIS 217 & 218
SL Japanese AB Initio5JNS 203
SL Japanese AB Initio6 or higherJNS 203 & 204
SL Math Methods5 or higherMAT 151 OR 120
SL Math Studies5 or higherMAT 115
SL Mathematical Studies5 or higherMAT 115
SL Mathematics 5 or higherMAT 190
SL Music5 or higherMUP 220
SL Physics5 or higherPHY 211 & 212 (includes labs)
SL Psychology4 or higherPSY 121
SL Social & Cultural Anthropology5 or higherATY 100
SL Spanish A15 or 6SPA 203 & 204
SL Spanish A17SPA 204 & 301
SL Spanish AB Initio5SPA 203
SL Spanish AB Initio6 or higherSPA 203 & 204
SL Spanish B5 or 6SPA 203 & 204
SL Spanish B7SPA 204 & 301
SL World Religions5 or higherREL 101
Cambridge Scores
ExamRequired ScoreUNCG Credit Equivalency
AS Level ChemistryC or higherCHE 111 & 112 & 114 & 115
A Level ChemistryC or higherCHE 111 & 112 & 114 & 115
AS Level MathematicsC or higherMAT 190 & 191
A Level MathematicsC or higherMAT 190 & 191

UNCG-administered placement tests 

Students with prior experience in math and foreign language courses prior to attending UNCG may be required to take a placement test. The test could exempt them from their department’s foreign language requirement or allow them to register for classes starting at a higher level. Placement tests are available in the following areas:

American Sign Language
  • Available to students with prior ASL experience, students who are deaf or hard of hearing (or who are native signers), and transfer students seeking a degree in professions in deafness. 
  • Placement exams are required for SES 102 (American Sign Language II) and up.
  • Students may make an appointment to take the placement exam by contacting the Professions in Deafness Program,
French, German, Russian, and Spanish
  • Required for every student who has taken high school foreign language (but has no college-level language credits), and heritage speakers with limited knowledge of the language.
  • Recommended for transfer students with foreign language credit (to determine their best starting point).
  • Students should contact the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (LLC)
  • Required for every student who has taken Latin at the high school level within the last three years.
  • Contact the Classical Studies Department for more information.
  • Recommended for science or business majors with very strong backgrounds in precalculus or calculus.
  • Not required for any student.
  • Students should consult (at least two months prior to the beginning of a semester via with the Department of Mathematics and Statistics in order to discuss the possibility of taking the Mathematics Placement Test.

Foreign language waiver or substitution

Students whose high school courses were taught in a foreign language may document their proficiency with a high school transcript to receive a GEC or CLER foreign language waiver.

A student who can demonstrate 80% written and 60% verbal proficiency of a foreign language may submit a letter of certification from a professor at any accredited U.S. college or university to the University Registrar’s Office for a GEC or CLER foreign language waiver.

Foreign language substitution appeals for students with disabilities should be directed to Nancy Bucknall in CASA. Foreign language waiver appeals for major or cognate requirements should be directed to the student’s academic department.

English Language Proficiency Waiver for International Students

For Undergraduate Students the English Language Proficiency Score is waived with an English Composition grade of C minimum from an accredited U.S. college/university, INTERLINK Level 5, or U.S. English Academic Program. Students graduating from International High Schools/Academies where the curriculum is taught exclusively in English are exempt from the English Language Proficiency requirement.  Students graduating from IB Schools are also exempt.

An international applicant is automatically considered English Proficient under the following circumstances:

  • The applicant is from a country where English is recognized as the primary, official language.
  • The applicant is or will be a graduate of a U.S. regionally accredited university.
  • The applicant is or will be a graduate of a non-U.S. college/university where English is the primary language of instruction.

Note: All newly admitted international students will undergo a UNCG-administered English assessment. Students who may benefit from additional support services in reading, speaking, and writing will be notified of campus resources available to them. International Teaching Assistants may be asked to take ESL 631 before they will be allowed to serve  as an Instructor of Record.

International Students enrolling in the Graduate School can find more information here.