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Have questions about using Schedule Hero? We’ve got your answers!

What is Schedule Hero?

Schedule Hero is a web-based schedule planning tool for students. Schedule Hero allows students to easily find needed courses and automatically builds schedules around their busy life and time commitments.

Where do I find Schedule Hero?

Schedule Hero can be found on the SpartanCentral site, as an icon on the iSpartan page, under the Registration menu in UNCGenie, and within the current student persona in the UNCG mobile app. A direct link to the tool is also available here.

Who is Schedule Hero for?

Schedule Hero is for students to help plan, review and design the most efficient class schedule. By using this tool, students experience a more simple and less cumbersome registration process. This tool is useful for students trying to build a schedule from many possible options.

When should I begin creating my schedule in Schedule Hero?

After meeting with your advisor and reviewing required classes in DegreeWorks, you may start planning your schedule as soon as the course schedule for the next term is available to view on the web. However, you will not be able to register until your designated registration time.

How do I generate schedule options, once I select my preferred course?

In the “Add Courses” page, click the “Done” button to get back to the main page to generate a schedule. On the bottom of the page, click “Generate Schedule.” Courses and breaks selected will be included in the schedule(s) generated.

How do I reduce the number of schedule options that were generated?

Use the Breaks option to block off times during which you cannot or do not want to attend class. You can also click on “options” next to courses in your Course List to deselect specific sections you do not wish to take.

Why can’t I find a specific course?

Some courses are marked as closed and open for registration closer to the start of the term for scheduling reasons. Make sure you set your schedule filter for “Open and Full” classes so these classes will be displayed. You can still generate a schedule with closed classes but you will not be able to register until the course is opened for registration.

How do I add a course that has a waitlist?

Go to “course status” and change course status to “Open & Full w/Waitlist Open.”

How do I search for a specific course section (because of a program requirement or a permit has been issued for a specific course only)?

After talking with your advisor and reviewing DegreeWorks, go into Schedule Hero and search for specific courses needed. If there is a specific section you need to register for, use the Options button next to the course selected in the Course List to select the specific section you need.

How do I find courses that meet MAC requirements?

Use the tab labeled “Search by Course Attribute.” This will allow you to search courses by specific attribute, including various MAC competencies and more.

I’m a graduate student. How do I search for graduate level classes only?

Select “Change” next to Levels and select Graduate.

Do I need to click “done” after each course I add?

No. Search for your course, click add course, repeat until all courses are visible in the list on the right. Once all are shown, click “Done” to return back to the schedule screen.

How do I change the term for the schedule I want to create?

You can select “Change” next to terms to select a new term. Terms in which you are eligible to register for will be the only options available.

How do I compare schedule options?

After generating your schedule, you can click up to four schedules and compare them in one window. Choose the schedules you want to compare, then click “compare.”

How do I delete courses from my course list?

Check the square box to select all courses and click the X button to delete them all. You can also select the X next to a course in the “Course List” to remove an individual course.

What does the heart icon next to different schedules mean?

The heart means you can favorite a specific schedule. When trying to decide between multiple options, click the “heart” and that becomes one of your top picks. You have the option to label your favorite schedules before your registration time so you can easily access the schedule you liked best.

What does the lock button do?

If you like a course section, click the “lock” button to lock in a specific course section. Schedules generated after that will include only the locked section for that course. However, you are not required to lock sections prior to sending a preferred schedule to cart.

How can I view a list of instructors who teach a specific course?

Once you’ve selected your courses and are on the main screen, click the “options” button next to each course to view course sections. From there you can view all sections with meeting times, instructors and open seats. Check the boxes that correlate to the courses you want included in your schedule. Click “save & close.” On the Main Screen, click “generate schedule” to view results.

How do I search for courses taught by a specific instructor?

Go to “Add Course,” then go to the “Search By Instructor” tab.

What are instruction modes?

There are several modes of instruction: Face to Face, Hybrid, Online with no specific meeting time, and Online with specific meeting time. Please note Hybrid course includes face to face interaction in a classroom as well as online learning.

What if I’m looking for a specific instruction mode?

Click on the “options” button next to a course and see which sections are online or face to face by the listed instructional Mode. Additionally, you can filter by online or face to face by selecting the “Instructional Mode” filter on the main page.

I need to add two work breaks in my schedule, but it will only allow one. Why?

Schedule Hero only allows unique break names. If you have two work breaks, try naming them work-1, work-2, etc.

Why are the breaks I plugged into Schedule Hero not showing when I generate a schedule?

Be sure that the checkbox is selected by each break entered.

How do I find a prerequisite for a course?

If a course is marked as having a prerequisite, check the details of the course or search for the course in the main UNCG course catalog.

How do I register for classes using Schedule Hero?

Select the schedule that best fits your needs and click on the “View” link. At the top of that page, click “Send to Registration Cart” button to send the schedule to your shopping cart. You can then click on your shopping cart in the top navigation and click the “Register” button there to register for your classes.

Remember: All prerequisites and restrictions still apply, and you may not be able to register for classes if you have holds. The scheduler does not override any restrictions and you will be alerted within Schedule Hero if any requirements are not met.

How long will the courses I have selected stay in my shopping cart?

The courses you selected will stay on your course list and your shopping cart in Schedule Hero until you register or clear you cart.

What is the registration cart?

Scheduler Registration Cart stores the schedule you sent from Scheduler. The classes will stay in the “cart” until you register for them. You can also clear your cart here.

I created a schedule and added courses to my cart. Am I registered for classes now?

No, creating a schedule is part of the registration process, but not the end. On the desired schedule selected, click “Send to Cart” then navigate to your cart and select “Register” to complete the registration process.

How do I clear my shopping cart?

Go in to Schedule Hero, click on “view” to open a schedule and select “Send to Shopping Cart.” Then, select “Clear Cart.”

How can I print or email the schedule I want in Schedule Hero?

Once you have chosen the schedule you want to send to your shopping cart, click the “print” button to print, or the “email” button to email it to yourself or a friend.

What is class padding?

Additional time can be added between classes on top of University standard of 15 minutes.

Can I link DegreeWorks with Schedule Hero?

Not yet! Schedule Hero does not connect to DegreeWorks at this time. Please reference your DegreeWorks audit and consult with your advisor before beginning to plan your schedule.

Do I have to use Schedule Hero to register for classes?

No. Schedule Hero is simply a tool that helps you plan courses for your semester. Students are not required to use this tool to register.

Who can I contact for help?

If you are having trouble accessing the tool, please contact 6-TECH. Any other functional questions about the tool or your course requirements can be directed to your advisor.