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College students who take an average of 15+ credits per semester do better than their classmates taking fewer classes. That means they enjoy benefits like: 

  • 13% higher GPA (even for students working and/or starting with a lower high school GPA)
  • 11% higher likelihood of returning for their next year
  • Faster path to graduation (Bachelor’s degrees are 120-credits, so 30 credits per year is needed to graduate in four years)
  • Lower college costs (For most students, UNCG tuition is fixed after 12 credits, so there is no extra tuition cost and excellent longer term savings from avoiding additional years of housing and living expenses.)

UNC Greensboro is committed to student success, and we fully endorse students taking at least 15 credits per semester as a proven way to do college better (and faster!). Now we’re going to prove our commitment. 

Eligible first or second year students who sign up for our 30 Hour Challenge will receive $250 when they successfully complete 30 credits during the 2022-23 academic year. 

As an added bonus, students who need (or choose) to take summer classes to achieve the 30 hours will receive funds to offset summer tuition. We’ll provide a $500 grant per course for up to three courses.

Participation in the 30 Hour Challenge is limited to current freshman and sophomore students in good academic standing. Additional students will be accepted to the program as space allows. Please complete the form linked below to participate.

More details about the 30 Hour Challenge

YouTube video

If you have questions about this program or want to learn more, please contact or call 336.334.4870.