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This form may be submitted by admitted undergraduate students to petition for a transfer course to fulfill UNCG General Education Core requirements (GEC) or Additional College General Education requirements (LEC) . The online form initiates the re-evaluation process. Students should be prepared to supply Transfer Articulation Services with additional course information (like a course syllabus) upon request.

Transfer Articulation Services is not responsible for evaluating petitions for certain types of credit. Students will need to contact corresponding academic departments for petition procedures involving the following type of credit:

  • Writing Intensive
  • Speaking Intensive
  • higher or 300-level credit
  • specific UNCG course credit

Criteria for Denials

Transfer students may encounter situations where courses taken at other institutions satisfy requirements there, but fail to meet UNCG General Education Core requirements. Important considerations weigh into petition decisions, namely that decisions adhere to university policy and the philosophy of UNCG’s General Education Program. These are examples of reasons why a petition submitted to the Transfer Articulation Services would be denied:

  • Course credit sought is not consistent with an equivalent course in the UNCG  University Catalog. For example, a petition for an introductory fiction writing course to satisfy a Literature (GLT) requirement would be denied because UNCG’s ENG 225: Writing of Fiction is not marked to satisfy that GEC requirement.
  • GEC/LEC credit sought is not applicable to the corresponding UNCG academic department. For example, Biology courses cannot satisfy a Physical Science (GPS) requirement for a major in the College of Arts and Sciences since Biology courses satisfy a Life Science (GLS).
  • Courses transferring from a North Carolina community college have already been evaluated by UNCG’s academic departments and equivalencies are already determined. 
  • The proposed course does not meet the necessary Student Learning Objectives.

These reasons will be cited in correspondence from Transfer Articulation Services if they pertain to your petition.

To contact Transfer Articulation Services please e-mail us at