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Want to take summer classes in 2022? You may be eligible for financial assistance from federal financial aid and/or additional grant funds.

Here are the ways you can get financial assistance:

Federal Financial Aid assistance:

  • If you have unused student loan funds from the 2021-22 year and you’re taking at least 6 credit hours in the summer term.
  • If you receive Pell Grant funds, are eligible for Summer Pell, and you’re taking at least 6 credit hours in the summer term. 

Questions about your financial aid eligibility during summer session? Read more here or contact the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships.

Special Grant Funds:

You may be eligible for $500 toward 3 credits or $1,000 toward 6 credits:

  • If you signed up to participate in the 30 Hour Challenge and need 3 or more credits to meet your 30-hour goal. 
  • If you have earned a total of 24-27 credits this academic year and want to enroll in 3-6 credits to attain a 30-hour goal. 
  • If you are taking 1 or 2 classes for grade replacement purposes after receiving a low grade or withdrawing.

Questions about your eligibility for these special grant funds to offset summer tuition? Contact the Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Sign up for Summer Classes

You can view available summer courses via Schedule Hero. Make sure to work with your academic advisor to select the courses that will be most beneficial to your degree path.