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Universities across the country have been fortunate to receive an influx of funding during the past few years related to federal COVID relief efforts. UNCG has used these funds to assist students experiencing financial hardships due to the global pandemic.

All federal COVID aid support was required to be fully distributed to students by the end of Spring 2023; therefore, UNCG has awarded all available COVID relief funding assistance and concluded this program.

Regardless of whether you were among the thousands of UNCG students who have benefited from the COVID relief program, it is always a good idea to think through your plans to pay for your education in advance of each semester. There are several avenues available for students when it comes to financial aid and bill payment.



File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid to be considered for grants and to be eligible to receive federal student loans.

PLUS loans

Parents and graduate students may be eligible to take out additional federal loans that have lower interest rates than private loans. More info here.

Payment plans

UNCG offers 4- and 5-installment payment plans that are interest-free. Get more info here.

Outside scholarships

There are hundreds of scholarships offered every year through organizations across the U.S. Some reputable websites to search for scholarships include Fastweb, Peterson’s, and College Board.

More ways to pay

Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for assistance through third party sponsorships, 529 plans, assistantships, or employee tuition waivers. More details here.


What federal COVID aid was provided to UNCG students?

Through funding from the federal CARES Act, CRRSAA, and ARP, UNCG was able to provide grants to students from Spring 2020 until Spring 2023. In all, more than $36 million was awarded to UNCG students during that time. Full details on COVID aid fund usage is available here.

How do I know if I received COVID aid in a prior semester?

UNCG awarded student grants through a variety of programs. If you received funds, they could have been in the form of housing grants, new student technology grants, summer semester grants, or other grants aimed to relieve a more urgent financial situation. These funds would have shown up on your student account and been labeled CARES, CRRSAA, ARP, or HEERF (acronyms for the various federal funding sources that were part of COVID relief bills).

How will this impact me?

Now that all COVID relief funds have been spent, this means that we will not be able to assist as many students who are experiencing financial hardship. If you have experienced financial hardship and received a COVID relief grant to help with your student bill, you should make plans now to secure the funds you need for future semesters.